Our Team
The team building the Surreal Society.

Founding Team

Falc is the founding father of Surreal Society, serving as the Creative Director and Head of Management. He has a background in crypto currency, management, social media, and entrepreneurship. Carries a deep passion for decentralization, web3, and the technology that comes with it. Full-time Minnesota Vikings fan. His golden retriever is his best friend.
Nizzy is the original and Lead Community Manager and Moderator. He has a passion of dealing with numbers, science, and people. Currently attending college at the University of St. Thomas pursuing his dream to become a medical doctor, as well as help Surreal Society become one of the best NFT projects. You can catch him in the general chat handing out XP, and watching Matthew Stafford ball out on Sundays.
Modify is the Chief Operating Officer for the project, and assists with connecting us with different minds and brands around the space. He holds 7+ years of social media marketing experience, and took his passion to the web3 world two years ago during the COVID outbreak. On a average day, Modify enjoys reading, day-trading cryptos, exercising and watching the Detroit Lions lose!

NFT Artwork

All 5,000 Surreal Society avatars were created by FreezinOwl, who is a self-taught 3D Artist. FreezinOwl is the lead digital artist for Surreal Society and specializes in 3D modeling and animation. He strives to produce high-quality, creative, and memorable designs. With more than 5 years of experience working with top-tier brands, startups, and independently-owned businesses, he's had the opportunity to work in multiple industries and will bring his creative vision to the table. In late 2021, he has started focusing on the NFT space by putting his best foot forward. Over 4+ months went into the development of our artwork.

Media Creation Division

Lvcidity is the Social Media Director. A driven individual of strategic intent with prior experience aiming to develop branding and media presence. Strengths include creativity, working intuitively to provide successful approaches in marketing. With previous work experience as a Marketing Manager and Content Creator for two other successful companies. Part-time DJ.
Prxsm is our lead Graphic Designer, and is the creator of all of the beautiful social media graphics you see on our Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channel. Student from Australia with a passion for graphic design and a severe case of perfectionism. Part time streamer, full time hodler, loves cars, video games and pineapple on pizza.
McKeeke is a Content Specialist at Surreal Society. Multipurpose human being, with experience in Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Blender. He operates a drone company in his free time. Too many hobbies to list them here.


Simon is the smart contract developer and web3 integrator for Surreal Society. He works for a DeFi company by day and helps teams with the entire technical aspect of launching a successful NFT project by night. Simon loves everything blockchain related and has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2014, when he used to mine Dogecoin on his laptop at home.